Life Through Photos


My counterpart pounding leaves of a local tree species rich in Nitrogen to make an organic fertilizer.



Group shot of a gardening collective, or groupement in French, I visited to learn about their practices, what they’re missing, what they’re interested in working on and how motivated they are. They grow corn, pepper, eggplant, and okra during the dry season. 


My counterpart, Mangue TP, at his (our? I work with him there every day) garden. We just created those garden beds behind him and he is standing next to an orange tree nursery.


Garden beds at a groupement I visited.Image

My friend Marijo and my host-sister Djenab. They are in their school uniforms and are about to walk 10 kilometers to attend class. They are both mothers.


My counterpart and his wife in front of their house. Mangue is a trained architect and built and designed the house himself.Image

One of the older brothers in my house family is a serious enterepeneur and extremely intelligent. He lives in the capitol but when he comes back to Koba for work or to visit the family, I give him English lessons. He called me out of the blue yesterday and asked me if I was home because a carpenter and an electrician were on the way to install an outlet and a socket in my room to run off of the family generator. Good karma has brought me LIGHT!!!


The view of my house from the front door.Image

My brand new screen door to keep critters out.Image

Garden beds mulched with hay at a groupement I visited.


My friend Mariam and her two sons, David Jr. and Papi.


Members of a groupement posing in front of their garden bed — pepper and corn and the Guinean stare-down. Guineans don’t have the same desire to say “Cheese” when the camera pulls out.


Took a bike ride along the beach.





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