Life Through Photos



Me with members of a gardening collective. They gave me their biggest cucumber from the recent harvest to pose with.Image

My sisters eating breakfast in the morning before school.Image


The beach in my village.


Children carrying cooking wood back to their homes.ImageImage

We dance every day here.


Cows and palm trees dot the coast here.


the three men in charge of the gardening collective near me. The man in the middle is Mangue TP, my counterpart.


My counterpart’s wife and the many children of their compound. Don’t ask me the relations because I couldn’t tell you.



My host mother preparing palm oil using the fruits harvested from her plantation.


My host-mom recently got remarried and looked fabulous as hell.


My super fly sister and best friend, Hadja. She is ridiculously hilarious and keeps me on my toes.


A petite in the garden wondering what the weird Fote was doing with a camera.Image


Another shot of the beach in Koba. Come visit.






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