That time a Blister Beetle took up residence on my face

During my time in Guinea, I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid major illness. Diarrhea and head colds have knocked me down, but nothing more severe than a few days of bed rest.

I have, however, encountered a nasty little creature known as a Blister Beetle twice now. The most recent time, it happened to my face.┬áThis beetle releases a defensive acidic spray when you try to brush it or swat it away. It causes an acid lesion that heals in about two weeks but is extremely painful. Thankfully it does not leave a scar. I took some pictures of the healing process because it was pretty gross and, y’know, battlewounds are cool. It was extremely painful and led to some weird questions from my Guinean family and friends and lots of sympathy BUT, allahumdulilaye, I am all healed up now with not even a scar left to mark the incident!